How it Works

Utilizing ClimaCheck’s PA PRO portable and fixed installation systems Emerging Energy Solutions optimizes chillers, rooftop HVAC units, heat pumps and retail/ industrial refrigeration with startling results. When we analyze our client’s cooling systems, we identify and develop a plan to help the customer and mechanical contractor to optimize the system to reach its full energy efficient capacity. After all the necessary actions have been executed we then verify that all the recommendations have been met which then we can determine the actual KWH savings we have achieved. Typically we deliver efficiency gains of 15 – 30%.

HVAC and Refrigeration System Optimization

Emerging Energy Solutions HVAC system optimization services aim to improve or recapture the original designed performance of a client’s HVAC and Refrigeration systems. HVAC and Refrigeration systems are always a primary concern in building projects since HVAC and Refrigeration systems’ energy consumption is the highest in electricity among all building service installations and electrical appliances. Both HVAC and Refrigeration systems can significantly degrade after installation even with efforts to maintain the system’s original condition. The effects of this include rising utility bills, decreased comfort levels, costly repairs and/or system failure. Our technicians with the aide of ClimaCheck’s PA PRO and fixed unit identify energy drain and system inefficiencies, and implement plans to revitalize the system.

The Unbiased ClimaCheck Method

The ClimaCheck method allows you as an owner, installer, consultant or manufacturer to analyze and evaluate virtually all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In a basic cooling process analysis is based on ten measuring points that are connected to the system. ClimaCheck then directly analyzes the data and documents the performance. Now you have a complete picture of how the system is working and the adjustments that are needed to boost energy efficiency. The ClimaCheck method is based entirely on thermo- physical data for the refrigerant and fundamental energy laws. ClimaCheck is a tool that can document the refrigeration performance and is independent of any system input or component suppliers, therefore making ClimaCheck totally unbiased.