Product Specifications

Flexibility and Continuity

Portable System

The ClimaCheck Portable system offers a total solution for performance inspection, analysis and monitoring of heat pumps, air-conditioning, refrigeration systems and water chillers. ClimaCheck Portable system Within 30 minutes of connecting sensors, you’ll have a complete analysis and documentation of plant performance and all component functions. This portable solution provides retail and property owners, contractors and consultants immediate and exact evidence of how well heat pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning systems are running.

Fixed Installation System

The ClimaCheck fixed installation provides continuous monitoring of energy consumption, compressor and system performance. Via the Internet, the end-user, service companies and/or consultants can log in and access real-time information from any computer system. The Pre-defined energy reports and graphs provide current information about the plant’s energy consumption. If compressor efficiency drops, a refrigerant leak develops, or the “energy profile” falls outside of the norm, ClimaCheck automatically sends an alarm to your cell phone via sms text or to your email. The responsible party can then directly log in from a computer or mobile phone for full information.


A method that enables you to reduce energy costs and environmental impact while increasing customer satisfaction.

Reduced Repair Costs and Longer Plant Life-time Expectancy

Break-downs in refrigeration and air conditioning systems require significant resources to address. ClimaCheck’s continuous monitoring allows all problems to be addressed long before shutdowns or breakdowns.

  • You can minimize service visits and maintenance costs.
  • You can forward plan component replacement
  • As degradation sets in, maintain system energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, increase plant life-time.
  • Reduced failure rates also reduce product loss, production downtime and loss of goodwill.
  • For those working with refrigerated food, air conditioning, and process or data cooling, improved reliability improves your business and customer relationships.

Reducing Energy Consumption and Environmental Impact

Is it your goal to reduce the organization’s energy consumption? Are you considering optimization of an existing plant or planning a new investment? Precisely knowing the current performance status is the best basis for correct decisions. ClimaCheck documents performance and provides information on potential system weaknesses. You can directly compare the cost of energy optimization against calculated savings once the performance base line is documented. On project completion you will then have a record of improvements, ensuring your investment is paying back. Studies and practical experience show that the ClimaCheck method often reduces energy consumption by one third. Where a fifth of world energy consumption is used for cooling, these energy reductions directly reduce global carbon dioxide emissions.


The ClimaCheck Performance Analyzer Pro can be used to document all types of compressor-driven refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment:

  • Product and system development – leading manufacturers use ClimaCheck solutions for development and product quality control
  • Commissioning/warranty inspections – after installation of new equipment or at the end of the warranty period, ClimaCheck confirms if the plant is running at the rated capacity and energy efficiency.
  • Performance Inspections – ClimaCheck provides accurate and unbiased performance validation.
  • Energy optimization – ClimaCheck provides high quality decision support prior to energy-efficiency measures in cooling systems and heat pumps. Internet access allows experts to study and diagnose operation effectively from anywhere in the world.
  • Troubleshooting – ClimaCheck makes troubleshooting and fault correction an easy process, minimizing engineers’ time and energy costs, while extending plant life.
  • Preventive maintenance and service– ClimaCheck can be used for temporary or continuous monitoring of cooling and heating systems. Predefined performance reports and alarm levels ensure the equipment works efficiently.